What does it take?

” It wasn’t just Kensington and Chelsea’s culpability for the way the tower was reclad in flammable material, or the repeated warnings from residents that were either ignored, or astonishingly, greeted by threats of legal action.”

                                                         Jonathan Freedland – Guardian 16.6.17

“It seems that one of the things about what happened in this disaster is that the warnings and concerns that had been voiced weren’t being listened to by those who held power and I think that if anything is going to come out of this is that we must listen to those people who don’t always get heard by people in positions of authority  and  this is a terrible and horrendous wake up call – but it’s got to be a wake up call so that never again can the voiceless be ignored by those who are power – and let us hope that some lessons are learnt and that procedures put in place so that never again do we have to sit here and say: “What more does it take for those people to be listened to?”

                                                         Rachel Reeves MP. – Any Questions BBC Radio 4 

The same question is directed to the following:

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Mea Culpa.

Other bits and pieces..


So there is other stuff going on in the world other than sore feet…although when you have the latter the former becomes insignificant, or so I’m told. But then, my feet are perfect!

I have a few other pastimes and once again I’ve been extremely fortunate to cross paths with some remarkable characters in all spheres, particularly where music is involved. The most recent ‘bright spark’ is a wee Mancunian who professes skills in writing, badminton and paying the guitar – and although he has a bit to learn in all three disciplines, there is already signs of promise and I’m sure you will be hearing and reading a great deal more of him in the years to come. Please pay him a lot of attention.

A few days after I wrote Mother Theresa I sang it to Steve outside his house when he was recovering from a desperate stag weekend in the Lakes. It was the Bank Holiday Monday and a few hours later the events in Manchester made it all seem irrelevant. Sometimes these things provoke a reaction that we all can ascribe to. If you’re a musician – and have a Mojo that’s in tune – you become a conduit. That’s why you should listen to him.

So, here’s a couple of videos of Manchester – please share them wide and far. Of course, just as in everything else – and as Isaac Newton observed in his third law, there is always an equal and opposite reaction – and the counter is below… Not that it is equal in any way… just a grumpy old man’s take on the same thing!

Manchester – Live @ Garstang Unplugged

Manchester – Steve Canavan – a tribute.




With a huge amount of sadness, I have to notify all the fantastic patients who have found their way to my door over the last decade, that I am unable to look after you any longer as I will be leaving St Annes in the next coupe of days.

It has always been a great pleasure and privilege to meet so many incredible people during my day job, but these last ten years in St Annes have been especially memorable and I count myself extremely fortunate to have spent time with you all and I would like to thank you for all your kindness, generosity and support you have shown me, particularly during the last few years. I can’t express in words how much that has meant – but I’m sure you’ll know.

I was also very lucky to have another colleague in Ansdell, John Dudman, who will also be known to many of my patients – as I took over John’s caseload some years ago when he retired. I now have to pass you on again – and once more I am extremely fortunate to have some lovely colleagues in the area who are brilliant foot-fetlers (as they call chiropodists and podiatrists in Lancashire), who will be able to look after you just as well – if not a lot better than I ever was! Click on the name below..

And what’s more they are both registered too – not that it really means much as you will have gathered by now.

Thank you so much – I will miss you all.

Sonia Morgan Podiatry

Ansdell Foot Clinic

I’m taking a wee break for a while and will update the blog in the next few days when I have some more time.