With a huge amount of sadness, I have to notify all the fantastic patients who have found their way to my door over the last decade, that I am unable to look after you any longer as I will be leaving St Annes in the next coupe of days.

It has always been a great pleasure and privilege to meet so many incredible people during my day job, but these last ten years in St Annes have been especially memorable and I count myself extremely fortunate to have spent time with you all and I would like to thank you for all your kindness, generosity and support you have shown me, particularly during the last few years. I can’t express in words how much that has meant – but I’m sure you’ll know.

I was also very lucky to have another colleague in Ansdell, John Dudman, who will also be known to many of my patients – as I took over John’s caseload some years ago when he retired. I now have to pass you on again – and once more I am extremely fortunate to have some lovely colleagues in the area who are brilliant foot-fetlers (as they call chiropodists and podiatrists in Lancashire), who will be able to look after you just as well – if not a lot better than I ever was! Click on the name below..

And what’s more they are both registered too – not that it really means much as you will have gathered by now.

Thank you so much – I will miss you all.

Sonia Morgan Podiatry

Ansdell Foot Clinic

I’m taking a wee break for a while and will update the blog in the next few days when I have some more time.